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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Garden Chronicles : April 17th, 2012


Lots of hard work from tribe families and Mark and Suzi from Farm 2 Family has only given the beginnings of a perfect space for the children to learn and explore freely.

Watching the garden evolve brings back memories of last years garden adventures and how every week was a surprise--new plants growing, new critters, and surprises left from friends.

Everyone worked hard.  No one even noticed the carnival in the background.
And now we have a place to rest.
Houses left for the fairies.

 What else would we do on a hot day?

See some of us in the background flying our plarn/plastic bag kite!

We are pulling some more tinkering opportunities into our day--sometimes it can be an wonderful experience when none of us know what we are doing and we work together through trial and error.

I think some wind for the kite would have been helpful.
tinkering away

We even had time to play some
 games and learn some Spanish

We even managed some down time for lunch, 
phone calls, shopping, and...

Even a vulture came by to see if he could clean up anything for us.

I know it looks like we are having fun, want to join us?  
Email Melanie at melanie@alifeoflessons.com or 
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