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Our Food Pantry--Taking Care of Our Own

As homeschoolers, in most cases, we have made a decision to live with one income while providing an educational experience at home for our children.  Frequently, our families find their pantries low and we all come together at the last minute to fill the need.   

A couple of our young people decided that the last minute rush to feed a family was not acceptable and that a food supply should always be available for those in our inner community. Our cupboard is currently bare and we would love to keep it stocked and overflowing.  We look forward to the day when our overflowing food supply can also be shared with the larger community.

Donations are accepted at every event hosted by Apron Strings & Angel Wings or you may contact us at Melanie@alifeoflessons.com 

Please consider, but not limited to++, the following donations:

                • Jelly and Jam
                • Honey
                • Sugar
                • Mayonnaise
                • Cooking Oils
                • Dressings
                • Syrup
                • Canned and Dried Milk
                • Canned Fish and Chicken
                • Canned Soups and Chili
                • Beans (Dry and Canned)
                • anned Chili
                • Nut Butter
                • Canned Vegetables and Fruits
                • Canned Tomatoes and Sauces
                • Baby Food
                • Applesauce
                • Dried Fruit and Fruit Leather
                • Canned & Boxed 100% Juice
                • Rice and Rice Mixes
                • Canned Pastas
                • Pasta and Noodle Mixes
                • Macaroni and Cheese Mix
                • Cold and Hot Cereals
                • Bread, Pancake & Muffin Mixes
                • Crackers
                • Granola Bars
                • Graham Crackers 
                • Flour and Other Raw Goods
                • Spices
                • Feminine Products
                • Toiletries
                • Baby Toiletries
                • Socks

++If you have perishable items to share (such as produce, eggs, dairy and meat) please let us know and those items can be received as needed.  melanie@alifeoflessons.com

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