Upcoming Events

Whole Tribe Gathering Day

 Please check website calendar for ongoing details or you may contact us at melanie@alifeoflessons.com.

Wednesday's current adventure location is at Cheswick Park, occasionally we will gather at different location or offer field trips related to our current topic.  Please keep in touch with us through Facebook or check our calendar.  

Our tribe gatherings offer families a full day outdoors, year round, on Wednesdays, in a natural settings.  Introduced in the fall of 2008, our group started with about ten children spending the days on organic farms, in the forests and wild places, or out in municipal parks. Our families are engaged in a rhythm that includes circle, funshops offered from its members, story, gardening and other nature based activities. The motto for the class is, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices.

What does the day look like?  

12:00 Lunch and Playtime/Social Time
12:30 Opening Circle
1:00 Funshops
2:30 Closing Circle (then head over to the playground for freeplay)

You will find us at the shelter across from the small field to the right of the playground and over the bridge.

 What are funshops?

As an eclectic mix of homeschoolers, we like to call our workshops--funshops instead.  That is an important part of the co-op/tribe experience--I do not teach everything, members (including the younger members) bring something they know or want to know to share with the group.  Sometimes it is an ongoing project, often there is gardening work, sometimes a simple craft, letterboxing, fire building, photography, yoga, etc.  As to embrace sustainable learning, we want to stay away from boxed lessons and worksheets and explore the world together--we as adults have passion to explore the world, so let's explore with our children.

What do we bring?

--your water bottle (there is a water fountain nearby until Winter time)
--your family tinker box (scissors, paintbrush, markers, crayons etc)
--your lunch
--appropriate layers for weather and exploratory play
--nest supplies for little ones (feel free to offer up a nap circle if you have little ones)
--something to sit on (picnic tables are available)
--bug and sun screen
--supplies for funshop (if it is your turn)
--food pantry donation or fees
--your free yardsale items (we swap our stuff, you never know what treasures there will be)

What does it cost us?

If you want to just visit when it works for you there is a suggested donation of $5 (*trade value) fee per family per tribe gathering.  You are also welcome to make a donation to our food pantry instead.

If you would prefer to join our co-op, we will have extra registration forms ready and would like to have them completed at that time.  (there is a suggested donation of $30 (*trade value) registration fee per family) NOTE: I could only access the registration forms by right clicking and copy/paste link

If you want join the tribe but the timing does not work for you, please check the calendar for other "like minded" activities.

*Please ask me about trade value or donation to our food pantry, we prefer not to accept cash.
If you have any questions please email melanie@alifeoflessons.com or you may call (804) 476-4158.