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Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Trip to the Zoo!

If you have not made it over to the Metro Richmond Zoo you are missing out on a day of surprises and joyful giggling from little ones all the way up to us old folks.  We have made this trip to the zoo several times but never have we had as much fun--everything is better with good friends!

Here are a few pics from our day!

We explored all the animals,  not just the zoo animals.
Nursing baby gibbon.
Tiger with a "licking the fence" habit.

Camel feeding time???

Feeding time at the gator pond.



Some of the gang

Some more of the gang
Those Appleseeds...always trying to take animals home.


More un-zoo animals.

More Beauty!

No interest in watching the tigers.


Feeding the budgies, 
we sooo need to 
build a big cage with
 tribe so we can
 do this all day!

Human Treats


Did you know that lemurs meow?

Gotta love some goats!

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