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Enrichment Circle

Rebuild of Henry Box Brown

WHAT:  Enrichment Circle is for older children and adults to have an opportunity to dialogue about art,  history, anthropology, material culture, sociology, film and pretty much anything that interest the participants.  We will meet a couple times a month.

Members of Apron Strings & Angel Wings dues cover the fee, if you are not a tribe member donations are welcome.

THIS SESSIONS TOPIC:  "Hitler Did What!?!"

WHERE & WHEN: Starting in late August time and day will be decided by majority of participants.

WHY: As an unschooled family, my child and others around us are reaching the age where they seem to need more opportunities for critical thinking and the practice of communicating these thoughts.  After a year of offering this program other participants are also offering topics of their interest to share as well as helping fulfill topic requests of younger participants.  We extend the group into a virtual space on Facebook as we continue to share and discuss past and current topics.

WHO: The group is geared towards and run by our teens interest.  That in mind consider your child's maturity level for this environment.  Most participants are mature 11 and up and topic discussions can be uncomfortable for some.

UPCOMING TOPICS:  (feel free to ask for others)

-Women in Art
-They put what in my food?
-Contemporary Photography
-Why do we get along with them, but not them: a study of the human temperaments
-Ben Franklin slept through everything?
-Our Bodies are Amazing!
-Iridology--I See You!
-The Book of What? ...Jubilees, Jubilees, Jubilees
-Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves
-Dreams, are they Real?
-Those Hatfields and McCoys
-Mistresses and their Masters
-Trail of Broken Treaties
-From North Korea
-Animal Farm Book Discussion
-Revolution is Evolution
-What if??? Winston Churchill and Wernher von Brau???
-Organized Crime

Please email me at Melanie@alifeoflessons.com for registration.

*Members of Apron Strings & Angel Wings dues cover the fee, if you are not a tribe
member pleas consider a suggested donation of $5 per family or a donation to our food pantry.

We open each gathering with a writing exercise to break the ice!

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