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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Summer and its Excellent Experiences!

What a gentle Summer we had, we had very few days that kept us inside and lots of comfortable days bringing us lots of adventures.  There were rumors that we did not do that much over the Summer...but looking back we seemed to have plenty of fantastic adventures together.  

Our Summer was full of our annual trips to Yorktown Beach, blueberry picking and Lake Rawlings--we sprinkled the occasional down time with some fun bubble tinkering and kept cool a couple of days with some trips to the bowling alley!  As our days grow shorter and damper, we miss the warm sun but welcome our more consistent days at the park and looking forward to Fall activities and harvests festivals.  

We wrapped up our Summer with a grand welcoming of Fall!  Including a Rose Ceremony and several weeks of preparing for Michaelmas.  (Michaelmas pics will be shared in the upcoming Fall blog entry)  

I, as the founder and facilitator of our beloved tribe, could not make it to our Rose Ceremony--but after seeing the pics and hearing  about the wonderful time everyone had I must say I was a little emotional.  Not because I missed it, but because it was able to happen without me.  When I started Apron Strings & Angel Wings over four years ago I watched as it ebbed and flowed through periods of drought where I carried the weight of the planning, teaching, and overall facilitating as well as pep talking.  It was my dream to find a group of like minded people that can come together and make things happen without being micromanaged (either because they needed to be or because I can't keep my paws out of the way) while they bring learning experiences to our families.  

Thank you to our members...we are there and I look forward to seeing our growth through your sharing of what you love.

As you scroll through our pics you will see I don't have enough to do...ha...as I spent some extra time exploring new layouts for our pics.  What are your thoughts...some styles I like and some not so much?

The Rose Ceremony:
a celebration of transition

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