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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wings in the Forest--A Garden Chronicle for 2011 (entry 6)

While many were away for Spring break a small group gathered with big equipment to get the soil loosened for some growing. Plenty of pea, sunflower and radish sprouts are taking off, while the transplanted sprouts from home are nowhere to be found--maybe next time we need to wait longer before bringing them out into the elements. The small group gave me an opportunity to listen more and here stories about worm farm experiments at home. I enjoy hearing that the young friends are carrying home ideas and dreams from the garden.

Blake and Mindi tilled the soil and added manure and peat moss--I look forward to seeing what happened to thetill this weekend. Then everyone helped put in a mulch path to protect the new till from footsteps.

Cheienne (one of our teen friends) took the quiet afternoon to go volunteer in the nature center, maybe she will give us a personal tour sometime.

Little friends caught some bugs that were using their colors to communicate, which naturally fit into
our afternoon activity.

We were able to get a rain garden started and we
experimented with
a water conservation system--hopefully it
will work. The little ones

loved sitting in the rain garden before
and after we added water, so

a few of us had some cold, some naked, and
some muddy kids to

bring home for warm baths.

Mindi and Blake offered an afternoon activity that was a big hit with all ages. They showed us that animals use colors to hide, show off and warn. Then each friend made their own animal and put it in its habitat, as we took a nature walk together we heard stories about the new fictional and real animals and how they use their colors in nature.
One new animal was lucky enough to find a habitat that matched perfectly and even confused some of us, after a littler research I believe it may be a Pink Ladies Slipper. Some of us even got to fall into random holes hiding under the leaves--I wonder what made those holes?

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wings in the Forest--A Garden Chronicle for 2011 (entry 5)

This week the chickens came
to distract us
from gardening and do some
chicken work.
Many of us
made up for all the playtime
by helping the
chickens dig
for grubs and loosen the soil.

A blind chicken will often find an ear of corn.
--Austrian Proverb

Some of us used a dandy claw
tool to prepare the earth
for radishes
while others planted
and sunflower sprouts.

Thanks Sarah for
bringing the new tool!

In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty-six different kinds of weather inside of four and twenty hours. ~Mark Twain

The weather was perfect, while working hard
I did not break a sweat nor did I get a chill.
It was just a few weeks ago that we were filling
the coats of little ones with hand warmers
and just last week we were dripping
with sweat and leaving with sunburn.

The mysteries of Southern weather?

In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt. ~Margaret Atwood

The little ones loved getting a ride
in the wagon out to
mulch pile
and helping the big kids
bring it back
to the garden's edge.

Hopefully, the mulch will
keep the
weeds away.

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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Wings in the Forest--A Garden Chronicle for 2011 (entry 4)

Well my 36 years on the planet have not stolen my wonder. This morning I found two tiny tomato sprouts that were not there yesterday--for days I watered and gave them growing lights and nothing. Suddenly they appear--all this time growing and sprouting under the soil.

Certainly a reminder of what we need to share "light and love"--everything else will fall into place.

This week in the garden we had lots of new faces that quickly became friends. Some even found old friends. It was so nice to see some teens out and working in the garden along side yearlings. Speaking of yearlings, one little boy stood for his longest time so far while watching the worms wiggle in the worm bin.

There was a lot of work going on and everyone quickly found their place in the garden. Mr. Blake (Heather's substitute for the day) helped start a fence with some. We had quick interest from a sprouting photographer to take over camera duty. Lots of workers digging, planting, covering and watering our sunflower seeds.

We were able to run two lines of sunflower seeds this week with the intention to have the peas and sunflowers grow together as sisters. Companion gardening is one way to give back to the earth as well as make good use of a small space.

We also took a short walk into the forest during the heat of the day to find new green. There was lots of it, plenty of insects working, and an exciting hole in the ground that once was used as a "refrigerator". I am betting that next week we will have a hard time finding new green--it may be everywhere and coming in fast.

The worms living in the worm bin created lots of questions--please let me know if you have interest in building your own worm bin, we can easily get together.

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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wings in the Forest--A Garden Chronicle for 2011 (entry 3)

This week brought us the challenge of the senses, Heather played hiding games in the forest to help everyone dodge the cold and wet air.   But it did not hinder our work, most of the seeds were started and we each brought some home to care for--except for the peas that went straight into the ground.  

The joy of digging was enhanced as we continued to find worms--even if they were less wiggly and a little colder than last time.  Heather introduced biodynamic gardening to the group as she added soil replenishing fertilizer--we all agreed that it smelled like chocolate.  Want to join us?  For details click here! 

As always, I am looking forward to next weeks adventure!