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Sunday, January 6, 2013

The Ever Changing Tribe's Fall Adventures

The Ever Changing Tribe's Fall Adventures!!!

 Our Fall started with a wonderful bang! We ended our first year as an official cooperative with a Michaelmas celebration that left us all amazed and setting the bar high for our future events.  

It was a space of comforting chaos that fulfilled everyone's needs--plenty of space of napping, eating, playing, socializing and sharing.
For several weeks our regular children listened and retold the story of the "The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats" and quickly made it their own.  We had many visiting children during our event that also would be a part of the play--we gathered quietly away from our audience/parents and listened to the story one last time.  They had not problem coming together for a fantastic rendition of a classic tale--in fact they did it several times.

We had a talent 
show that 
beats all talent shows!

We got to know each other's dads.

We enjoyed the sunshine!

So what did we do with the rest of our Fall?  We amazed each other with all that we wanted to share and quickly filled most of our free time in the presence of each other--we became a true community! This was the year of togetherness, founding members have found their roles in the tribe, MIA members have returned and quickly found welcoming comfort, and new members found a compassionate circle of friends in which to raise their children.

Marr Science Hikes


Even our youth
stepped up to
share some of their 



Paper Folding
Knot Tying  

Found some beauty in nature including critters
 and their habitats.

We tried to make a fire on a wet day--we did get some heat! 
 I guess we will continue to work on this skill

We learned an 
absurd amount about 
trees and their leaves.

We found some ways to stay warm on cold rainy days!

Tea Wreath--Thank you KP and her boys for such a lovely gift.

Including building some 
shelters from fallen trees!

Want to join in on the fun?
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