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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Wings in the Forest--A Garden Chronicle for 2011 (entry 3)

This week brought us the challenge of the senses, Heather played hiding games in the forest to help everyone dodge the cold and wet air.   But it did not hinder our work, most of the seeds were started and we each brought some home to care for--except for the peas that went straight into the ground.  

The joy of digging was enhanced as we continued to find worms--even if they were less wiggly and a little colder than last time.  Heather introduced biodynamic gardening to the group as she added soil replenishing fertilizer--we all agreed that it smelled like chocolate.  Want to join us?  For details click here! 

As always, I am looking forward to next weeks adventure!

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Anonymous said...

These days are certainly a high! in so many ways..... chickens will come visit this week to help wake up the soil and make ready for more in the ground planting!