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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

More Than Thrilled to See SpringTime!!!

Wow, what a Winter!  Many of us are glad to see it go and thankful for the experience of a real Winter.  I suspect that many of us had moments where we related to our ancestors and their 
experience of Winter.  

Waiting for the sun and warmth to return; What if we did not have our conveniences of weather reports, insulation, electric lights, central heat and grocery stores?  We certainly saw each other less and experienced some isolation.

We spent many days inside on field trips and each other's houses. It is always fun to see how others live, but one thing that became clear is that not all of our families have the comfort of heat and insulation.  This need, along with other basic needs for food and shelter, is what drives Apron Strings & Angel Wings to move towards a non-profit like organization that aids homeschool families in need.  If you are interested in helping us with the logistics or even a donation please contact me at melanie@alifeoflessons.com.  

Now for a look back at how we kept ourselves warm and entertained!

Our Early Learning Circle spent Mondays at the library playing with letters, numbers and forms!
We combine philosophies of Waldorf, Froebel and Unschooling.

We went to the Virginia Aviation Museum for some flying time.  

And we spent some time with Master Yi and at Shield Martial Arts

We braved the early Winter while we celebrated St. Lucia with bread makinghand warmer science, a St Lucia skit, light sharing and candle wreathes.
keeping warm around the coals
hand warmers
hand warmers
hand warmers
hand warmers
Some warm tea
candle wreathe
St Lucia skit
St Lucia Skit
Our Bread
teen keeping warm
Digging the bread baking hole.
candle wreathes
hand warmers
kneading the bread
working together

We ended 2013 with a craft exchange--we love these opportunities to share crafting together.  We all bring an activity and we all leave with new crafts and craft skills.

craft exchange
paper snowflake
game plan

measuring snowflakes

game time
nail time
needle felting
snow fairy
snow fairy
painted glass balls
our ornaments

Of course we had lots more fun and took plenty more pics!

We turned T-shirts into aprons and bags
We love our tribe babies!
Dressed for the Cold!
forest exploration
And Some More Playing!!!!

We took a Winter appropriate field trip to Wintergreen for some snow tubing!

Our Mid-Winter Celebration, we included traditions from many cultures in order to honor the mid-winter season.   We had some shadow play for the groundhog, a Spiral Walk to acknowledge our inner lights, we set off Chinese lanterns.

Preparing the apples for the Spiral Walk.

hostess and nature guide of Winterlight Farm
before we built the spiral
after we built the spiral

a dad cuddling with the farm dog
Enjoying the wonderful trees

letting the lanterns go

We also had our annual mom's retreat!  Not too many pics but lots of fun at Yogaville!

Up all Night with Girl Talk!!!

And our final Winter activity we made Waldorf window stars and enjoyed a crisp day on the playground.

Want to join in the fun?

To learn more click here or keep an eye on the calendar and send us an email or call us so we can give you a proper welcome!

melanie@alifeoflessons.com or 804-476-4158

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