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Thursday, July 4, 2013

How We Spent Our Spring!

Want to join in on the fun?
Click Here for more details and registration.  Always feel free to check our calender and visit us for a day or two and see if our tribe is a good fit for your tribe!

If you have any questions please email melanie@alifeoflessons.com or you may call (804) 476-4158.

We started Spring with a trip to Montpelier--the home of James Madison.

We added a new class to our program--Learning Circle.  Some of the younger children were requesting a group learning experience for their ABCs and 123s.

                                             Lots of Spring Crafting for all ages--grown ups too!

Squeezing in some woodworking--one of our favorite days--hope we get to do more!


Several Celebrations--Including Birthdays and May Day!                                                

                                                                        We tinkered our way through some fairy and gnome houses!  
We even did some metal tinkering.

                   Discussed taxonomy of birds and made bird feeders                                            for them--even though we observed that the                                                  squirrels were quite fond of the treats.                                           
We also spent some time studying Well Dressing and the society behind it--we were inspired to make our own sketches with seeds and found objects.                                                                     
       We discussed doing an actual Well Dressing next year.

We are lucky enough
to have a current herpetologist
and an aspiring one in our tribe
 to educate us all on safe interaction with snakes
and other little critters.


We don't get many 
pictures from our Enrichment Circle, but we were lucky enough to have a few little ones with us one day who kept themselves occupied with photography. 

Look for us around town, we are 
starting to rent booth space as 
a fundraiser!  We are selling 
products made by our families.  
                                                                                                               We had such a great time, can't wait until our next event.                                     

Thank you Gallmeyer Farms!

At our quarterly swap meet!

                                                           We also have added a regular PE time to our days, the kids love the organized playtime led by our energetic leaders!

Our rainy days were not wasted either, plenty of indoor
playtime together.

To top it all off we always find time for siesta time! No sleep required just some in-breathing.

More About Our Tribe: 

Our tribe gatherings offer families a full day outdoors, year round, in natural settings.  Introduced in the fall of 2008, our group started with about ten children spending the days on organic farms, in the forests and wild places, or out in municipal parks. Our families are engaged in a rhythm that includes circle, funshops offered from its members, story, gardening and some child-led activities. The motto for the class is, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices.

We will start the day with preparation of space and snack, we begin with an opening verse to greet each other and the world followed by a seasonally themed verse for the younger children and usually a seasonal poem for the adults and older children.  Sometimes we have a song or stretch. Then we have announcements and explain the funshops and work of the day. 

 What are funshops?
As an eclectic mix of homeschoolers, we like to call our workshops--funshops instead.  That is an important part of the co-op/tribe experience--I do not teach everything, members bring something they know or want to know to share with the group.  Sometimes it is an ongoing project, often there is gardening work, sometimes a simple craft, letterboxing, fire building, photography, yoga, etc.  As to embrace sustainable learning, we want to stay away from boxed lessons and worksheets and explore the world together--we as adults have passion to explore the world, so let's explore with our children.

We finish the day with lunch, free play, and exploration (wee children are welcome to nap on site or head home to their cozy nap nest). We will finish up the day at with a share circle (show and tell) and a closing verse.  

What to bring:
--potluck snack to share (finger food only please)
--your water bottle
--your lunch
--appropriate layers
--nest supplies for little ones
--something to sit on
--bug and sun screen
--supplies for funshop (if it is your turn)

What is the cost?
If you want to just visit when it works for you there is a $5 (*trade value) fee per family 
per tribe gathering.
If you would prefer to join our co-op, we will have extra registration forms ready and would like to have them completed at that time.  (there is a $20 (*trade value) registration fee per family) NOTE: I could only access the registration forms by right clicking and copy/paste link

If you want join the tribe but the timing does not work for you, please keep an eye on our calendar or look for us on Facebook.

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