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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wings in the Forest--A Garden Chronicle for 2011 (entry 13)

Sunflowers, Luna Moths, & Bees
--Oh My!
Signs of Summer are right on time

Nothing says Summer in the Garden like a Sunflower!!!

The lack of human activity
this week in the garden
has not kept
away the growth
of new vegetables.

The Farmer's Almanac
said this would be a two harvest
season for peas--guess what--
it was right, we are getting
blooms for another
crop of peas!

Lots of blooms, and little veggies that will
need little hands to harvest
them over the coming weeks!

I think I even saw a
tomato or two.

We saw several garden helpers--

Thank goodness there is an
active hive just steps away
from the garden at the

We found not one but two Luna Moths

It seemed that the Summer Solstice snuck up on us, but my children noticed the

sun was still up at bedtime this week--Did anyone else have similar observations?

I found this diagram of the seasons/axis tilt very helpful in explaining to my

children why the sun is sleeping less.

So if your children are sleeping less and spending lots of

time goofing around--they are right on track.

The world is alive and enthusiastic, let Nature be your guide.

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