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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Spiral Walk

We finally have everything ready for a Spiral Walk.   Thank you to those that have been patient and supportive while we worked out the details.  We are really excited to bring this gift to all of you.
Where: Southampton Recreation Center
              3201 Chellowe Road

              Richmond, VA 23225

Please follow link to their website for exact directions and google mapping.    
GPS address will only get so far, please give yourself some extra time to find your way.  Once you arrive look for our lantern lit path and we will be at the other end.

When:  Monday, December 20th from 4:00 until 6:00 doors will promptly close at 4:15 for this    reverent event.

RSVPs are helpful, but surprises are nice too!   melanie@alifeoflessons.com

What:  Spiral Walk with Gingerbread and Cider

What is a Spiral Walk?  You all want to know--

A spiral of greenery is made, one path spiraling inward, to a large candle. The room is darkened; it is a place of quiet contemplation and inner activity. There is often live music played. Each person takes an apple in which is placed a small candle. They walk individually into the center of the spiral, and light their small candle from the larger candle in the center. They then walk out the other spiral, and place their candle along the pathway out.All of the candles 
together make a greater light.

What are some of the symbols of the Advent Garden?
Spiral Movement/ Darkness/ Inner and Outer Light – One moves from the outer darkness to kindle one’s light from the greater light within. Once kindled, one’s quickened light is taken out into the world where it can help to light the outer darkness. Many individual lights make greater light.
What to expect: 
  • This is a reverent event. Lets help our children keep their voices down.
  • Pictures are welcome after the event.
  • Please silence your cellphones.
  • There will be lit candles, lets be safe and know where our loose clothing and hair is hanging. 
  • At 4:15 the doors will be closed for the respect of the participants.
  • Let us know if you have small children that may need to leave, you may stay near a door and we can help find care for them while you participate in the spiral.

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